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- The market has become an important part of human life throughout the centur dominant ies . In the past , when human life was not developed to the level of civilization as now , the market is cultural destination . What new and most interesting  feature first appear in the market . So people say that : " the only people who are living near the market is more dominant than others "

- Now , the market is not too great important as it once was but it is still the most clearly expressed local cultural life , the attractive tourism destination . The different markets have featured products , activities .

- The following food market can be regarded as the pinnacle of cultural markets in each country, nation .the most clearly  market reflected the indigenous food cultural , where visitors can come and visit have an interesting experiences .

- Believe it or not , even though you have spent years shopping at several malls and commercial centers that shopping has become a broing and ordinary task to you , exploring an Asian market is always an exhilarating experience . Visit Ben Thanh market in Ho Chi Minh city , Vietnam and you will understand . Being a bustling market in the daytime and a social center after sunset , Ben Thanh Market is absolutely a must-see attraction of the most dynamic city of Vietnam .
  • Past
Ben Thanh Market Ho Chi Minh city in the past
Ben Thanh Market in the past
- The market developed from informal markets created by early 17th century street vendors gathering together near the Saigon River . The market was formally established by French colonial powers after talking over the Gia Dinh citadel in 1859 . This market was destroyed by fire in 1870 and rebuilt to become Saigon'ls largest market. In 1912 , the market was moved to a new building and called the New Bến Thành Market to distinguish over its predecessor . The building was renovated in 1985 .
  • Present
Ben Thanh Market - Chợ Ben Thanh
Ben Thanh Market - Cho Ben Thanh
- Now , the oldest surviving market and one of symbols of Ho Chi Minh city . That makes it a must for any visitors travelling to this 300 years old city .
  • Location
- Located in the hustle and dynamic of city , the market possesses one of the most crucial locations in District 1 ( the intersection of Le Loi , Ham Nghi , Tran Hung Dao Avenues and Le Lai street ) , transportation is extremely convenient and trade is bustling . 
  • Travel Tips
- Though quality of goods is quite good but price here in often inflated up two or three times than the initial . Hence , one should " go at least three or four stalls to compare the prices , and see how cheap you can bargain the items down to , Peter Stevenson , atorists from Gold Coast , Australia shared .
- Another tips is go shopping in the market before 8 am for " morning price " that is little lower than the usual for the same good . Cool price at the beginning of the day is for easier first transaction which is believed to bring about good luck to the sellers for the rest pf the day .
  • What difference about mornig and everning ? 
- In the morning , you can find almost everything from dry food to clothes for reasonable price . The market atmosphere can sometime be real hustle  and bustle , but it is an exciting experience efter all . However , always remember that batgain is a must in any Vietnamese market .

- From late afternoon until late night , the shops inside the market are closed , but several restaurants are open outside on the surrounding streets . These small yet interesting restauran ts can offer you a variety of choices : bubble , teas , grills , seafoods , etc . When you are tired of eating , stand up and take a long walk along the neighborhood which has in no time transformed into a night market full of light and glamour .
What can be found in Ben Thanh Market : Bun , Hu Tiu , Banh Beo , Banh Xeo , Souvenirs , ........
What can be found in Ben Thanh Market : Bun , Hu Tiu , Banh Beo , Banh Xeo , Souvenirs , ........
- Ben Thanh Market is possibly the most well-known symbol of Ho Chi Minh city ( Saigon city ) , showing up in large number of publications , movies , online articles . Why it is so ? because your trip to Ho Chi Minh city cannot be completed without a visit to Ben Thanh Market to experience the " real Vietnam " !

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