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Cho Lon is located at Tran Hung Dao Street, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City. In 1788, a group of Chinese from Pho and My Tho Islands came to Ben Nghe River Dike and founded a market which developed into the existent Cholon Market, offering a wide array of products. This is Vietnam’s Chinatown market. Along with Ben Thanh market , Big market is an attractive site for visitors to observe that lively atmosphere.

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Cho Lon - Big market
Cho Lon - Big market
It remains home to more than 500,000 people, many of whom are of Chinese origin. The area and its side-streets and markets provide an interesting glimpse of Sino-Vietnamese life, as the Vietnamese Chinese strive to retain there cultural traditions and language. In addition to temples, traditional apothecaries, fortune tellers and the like, some excellent Chinese food is available in Cho Lon. A visit to Ho Chi Minh City's Cho Lon Market reveals the city at its most vibrant, colourful and fun.

The variety of goods

The market has become an important part of human life throughout the century dominant ies . In the past , when human life was not developed to the level of civilization as now , the market is cultural destination . What new and most interesting  feature first appear in the market . So people say that : " the only people who are living near the market is more dominant than others "

Cho Binh Tay - Cho lon - Big market
The variety of goods 
 Now , the market is not too great important as it once was but it is still the most clearly expressed local cultural life , the attractive tourism destination . The different markets have featured products , activities .

This mighty market seems to go on for miles, crammed with every possible kind of fruit, vegetable, nut, fish, meat, cigarette, beer and so on. There are cloth shops with every type of silk in every colour and numerous types of cotton, wool and even tweed!

Fabric shopping in Ho Chi Minh City is a serious treat. Give yourself at least an afternoon, if not an entire day, so you can take your time, stop for cold drinks and snacks regularly and avoid becoming hot and bothered!

Cho Lon - Cho binh tay - big market
Colorful of goods
The variety of goods here is positively astounding and will give you uncanny glimpses into modern Vietnamese life. Friendly bargaining should save you 20% to 40%, but don't take it too seriously - Vietnamese people very rarely get angry in public and they feel extremely embarrassed if you do. An other  name is Binh Tay Market.

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