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The central post office of Ho Chi Minh City is the post office building at the centre of Ho Chi Minh City, District 1. This building was established by a French architect and has the original constructing style of Gothic. It was located right beside The Church of Madonna and has contributed in creating a tourism area for travellers coming to Ho Chi Minh City.

Located at  : 2 Paris Commune , Ben Nghe Ward , District 1

The central post office Saigon - Buu dien trung tam Saigon
The central post office Saigon

History of the central post office

It was built from 1886 and until 1891 it was completed according to the design drawing of the architect Villedieu. The front of the building was decorated in rectangle cases on which the names of the inventors of telegram and electric professions. On the cases are the pictures of men and women wearing laurel wreaths. On the arc of the building, there is a huge clock. Entering inside, the tourists can have a look at two historical maps: Saigonet ses environs (1892) and Lignes télégraphiques du Sud Vietnamnet du Cambodge (1936) along the two walls.

The past of the central post office HCM
The past of the central post office HCM


The central post office has many booths serving for the guests with modern and up-to-date telecommunication equipments through which you can make contact with everywhere inside or outside the country. Besides, there are other good services like mailers on which time has been recorded, sending packages quickly, souvenirs, electronic flowers, electronic presents, etc.

Inside the central post office Saigon
Inside the central post office Saigon

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